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On June 2nd, Ashley and I got married. The wedding was beautiful and wonderful, and it wasn’t just me saying that.

The weather cooperated and the rain held off for the ceremony. Then it rained a little which cooled things off perfectly for the bonfire.

We received many compliments on the wedding and the food. One of our main focuses on the wedding, besides the whole getting married part, was that the food be delicious. And it was. We were really happy to have our friends there and that everyone had a great time.

For us the day flew by. We are both looking forward to seeing all the photos from the wedding so we can actually see some of the things we can’t remember because our brains were moving too quickly!

Now we are back in our apartment in Somerville, MA and not living out of suitcases for the first time in a while. Ashley has orientation for the next week and a half and I’m working full time from my home office in our apartment. Life is good.

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