Oh, it plays alright

Russell Beattie:

Surprisingly it was on MySpaceTV.com rather than YouTube… which is the first time I’ve actually used the site – looks like YouTube, but the quality is nicer. No embed code though, so I just viewed source and pasted it in above, we’ll have to see if it plays.

It plays alright, it plays instantly, without me having to do anything. Which was quite alarming when I was on a conference call and scrolling through Google Reader and then music started blaring.

Thanks Russell! Good thing you have comments disabled so I can’t let you know personally how annoying this is.

Oh and thanks also to MySpace! I’m sure it is your fault Russell can’t embed the video without it playing instantly. Still leading the way in crappy usability, nice work guys.

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3 thoughts on “Oh, it plays alright”

  1. Doh!

    I didn’t know that Google Reader played embedded videos! My aggregator doesn’t, so I hadn’t seen it “in action”.

    Sorry about that!


  2. I just found a way to turn it off – it’s the well marked “a” variable. Setting it to 0 cancelled the autoplay.

    Thanks for the heads up! Sorry again!



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