The Interview Trail

I’ve watched ER for a long time, and I’ve heard of “The Match” before, but were I not about to marry a doctor I don’t think I would have known about all that really goes into this match process.

So for basically all of December and most of January, Ashley and I were on our own little mini tour evaluating cities and residency programs all over the United States. Here is where we went (in order):

  • Chapel Hill, NC
  • Rochester, NY
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Wilmington, DE
  • New Haven, CT
  • Boston, MA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Springfield, MA
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Ann Arbor, MI
  • Nashville, TN
  • San Diego, CA

We drove to almost all of those places, spent a few days in each for the interviews and then to get a feel for each city. We found some cities we liked and some we didn’t like so much. By the end we were ready to be back home and in the same place for a while.

We have submitted the rank list and now we are just working on getting the house ready to sell. Even if we match in Chapel Hill, we’ll need to move closer to the hospital.

March 15th is “Match Day” and when we’ll find out where we will be headed to spend the next 4-5 years. It is going to be a crazy 2007.


Ok, so there have been a lot of things I’ve wanted to post something about, but there are too many things that have happened that I haven’t posted about, so I’ve told myself that I can’t post until I post about those things. Confused? You won’t be after I post what I haven’t :)

Why I Stopped Watching Lost

I saw on BoingBoing a post about exactly why I stopped watching Lost. I stopped watching quite a while ago too. The reason: It was not in their interest for them to ever explain to me what the hell was going on.

I agree with Mark, Lost should have been a mini-series, should be made different every season, much in the way that The Wire, the best show on television, is.

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More Proof That Sony Hates Their Customers

In order to be able to preorder a Playstation 3 in the US, apparently Sony is requiring that you purchase a 40″ or larger television.  The idea is that this should cut down on people buying the PS3 only to resell it on eBay for a higher price. 

It seems to me that a more customer friendly approach would be to actually be able to meet the demand for your product with an appropriate amount of supply.

Sony’s antics surrounding the PS3 and all of their other customer unfriendly tactics over the years really makes me not want to ever buy any of their products again.


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NHL Video on Google

I don’t know when this happened, or how quickly they will get video up, but this is awesome! Doesn’t look like they have the Hurricanes games from this week up there yet, but if this is new I wonder if they will be better about getting the video up faster. I imagine this is part of the NHL’s push to get more people interested in their sport.

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2006 VIR AMA Superbike Race 1 Shortly after I took my motorcycle safety class a few ears ago and bought my motorcycle, I started watching motorcycle racing on TV. I mostly enjoy watching AMA racing, but I also like MotoGP and FIM. FIM mainly because the announcers are so much fun to listen to.

This last weekend marked my second annual trip with some of my friends to see the AMA races at Virginia International Raceway. It was a good time and the Formula Xtreme (which is the worst class name ever) race was spectacular. It is the only time I ever make the time to eat a pancake on a stick, which is one of the most ingenious foods ever conceived. Ashley came too and was the only girlfriend in attendance, AND it was her only weekend she didn’t have to work at the hospital, proving that she does indeed love me.

If you don’t follow motorcycle racing, it really is incredible what these people do. It is far more interesting to watch than say NASCAR or Formula-1, at least to me. I like that you can really see what each of the racers is doing to control the motorcycle and you can really see it when they are trying hard. These guys have some sort of missing “fear gene” that the rest of us don’t have.

I got some good pictures like the one here, I have yet to get the rest put online. Cullen caught a good video of a crash (the rider was ok, but upset).

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The Switch

Well, I realize that I am a few steps behind some people, but this weekend I decided to take advantage of North Carolina’s tax free weekend and Ashley’s status as a “student” to get a 17″ iMac tax free with educational discounts bundled with a free (after rebate) iPod Nano and HP printer/scanner.  It was a pretty good deal, and I have been wanting to check out the world of Mac for a while now.  Ashley’s laptop is painfully slow and she really doesn’t need a laptop anyways, so I thought the iMac would be the best/least expensive way to approach the problem.

It is a damn sexy machine.  I’ll give Apple that much, they know how to make things pretty.  It is pretty cool what you can do when you make it so the machine isn’t intended to be field upgradable.

Of course now Steve Jobs is likely going to announce a bunch of cool stuff at WWDC, but whatever he announces, I’ll likely not get the deal I did yesterday.

I welcome my new computer into my home.

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